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APPG for Textiles and Fashion Meeting 08/07 10am – 12pm

The APPG For Textiles and Fashion Calls For Action To Ensure The Future Of Britain’s Fashion Production Workers.

Fashion Roundtableas the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashion(APPG for Textiles and Fashion) calls on the UK Government to add production and sample machinists to the shortage occupation visa list or the UK could face a severe shortage of skilled fashion workers.

Under the proposed rules the skilled manufacturing workers will not be eligible for the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) report’s recommendation for a £30,000 salary for Tier 2 visa applicants post-Brexit, which would include EEA and non-EEA citizens.

Currently skilled garment manufacturing workers, such as production or sample machinist typically earns below £30,000 salary. As a consequence workers would not be able to hold a Tier 2 visa, resulting in an at risk workforce.

North London ethical manufacturing business, Fashion Enter’s CEO, Jenny Hollowaystates, “We cannot recruit enough trained production and sample machinists to expand our business sustainably. There is just not enough UK talent to meet demand and we need skilled workers now across our factory and the wider UK manufacturing industry to not only met demand, but grow our business. Our Fashion Technology Academyis proving successful in creating a future generation of new entrants via short courses and apprenticeships but trained machinists need a minimum level of five to ten years’ experience.”

Fashion Roundtable supports The All Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashionin organising a meeting at the Houses of Parliament on 8th July 2019 to discuss which visas and why, our sector needs in order to continue to thrive. The meeting will take place from 10am – 12pm in Room C 1 Parliament Street, Houses of Parliament, Lord Young has confirmed his attendance, alongside speakers including the key economist of the Migration Advisory Committee. If you are a British manufacturer, designer or work directly with British production please email: rafaella.defreitas@fashionroundtable.co.ukif you would like to attend. Please note places are limited.

The objective of the meeting is to bring together leading manufacturers and policy makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the UK garment manufacturing industry, focusing on skills and labour. the meeting will advocate for a more inclusive Visa system, that recognises the specific needs of the industry in qualification requirements to address the shortage of qualified workers, and to ensure that growth is not limited by the lack of a skilled and qualified workforce.

“I am delighted to bring the textile and manufacturing industry into parliament to meet with representatives including team members from BEIS and the MAC team, to facilitate a very necessary and sadly overdue conversation, whereby the concerns of our thriving and burgeoning UK fashion sector can be considered as we move into Brexit and beyond. Our industry is growing, but without the talent from domicile residents, the sector has relied on EU and non-EU nationals. Not only does manufacturing education need to grow here in the UK, such as the https://fcfta.com/courses, we also need to be maintained continued access to non UK nationals, if we are not only to maintain but also grow our fashion manufacturing business.”Tamara Cincik, CEO and Founder, Fashion Roundtable.

If this issue affects you, please take the time to submit our survey

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashion: employment and visas for the UK garment manufacturing industry https://forms.gle/hzDBLzPbXvDbJoqb6

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