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Minutes – AGM APPG Textiles And Fashion Fashion And Sustainability Portcullis House Room S 5t

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

APPG Purpose: To promote the significance of the UK textile and fashion industry across the world, supporting its development as an integral part of our economy.


Role Name Party

Chair & Registered Contact Dr Lisa Cameron Scottish National Party

Vice Chair Mrs Sharon Hodgson Labour

Vice Chair Andrea Jenkyns Conservative

Vice Chair John McNally Scottish National Party

Vice Chair Martin Docherty-Hughes Scottish National Party

Vice Chair Stephen Timms Labour

Vice Chair Rushanara Ali Labour

Vice Chair Jo Swinson Liberal Democrat

Vice Chair Emma Little Pengelly Democratic Unionist Party

Ed Vaizey Member

Catherine West Member


• Introduction made by Tamara Cincik (APPG secretariat from Fashion Roundtable) explaining who coming to 5pm meeting on Fashion and Sustainability having reached out to numerous brands, LCF, C&A Foundation etc. • Realise that Room S is too small for numbers coming and would have been better off in last room we had. • John Mc Nally MP wants the industry to grow but not kill the planet. There is a fashion revolution happening but sees that are a lot of conflicting issues. • Jodi is looking at Fashion Tech and how we can identify tread from source so that we can knock out slavery. Talking to likes of Net-a-Porter to incorporate on this action Lisa – heard Caryn Franklin speaking on radio asking us to put our clothes in charity shops. • Charney Magri – Putting our clothes in charity shop is not the answer. There is ban on our clothes being sent to East Africa as it is putting local tailors out of business. • TC agrees and wished she had briefed Caryn – We need to love our wardrobe Lisa – Any other Issues? Martin Docherty Hughes MP – We need to look at Block chain, trust etc. Lisa – suggests joint meeting like we did with IP • Stephen Timms leaves • Andrea Jenkyns arrives • Lisa updates Andrea • Andrea suggests we look at children and maternity clothes • Lisa comments on John Lewis creating range for disabled children • John – there is a large disparity between boys and girls sizes • Jodi – There is a large paper coming out on this next year • Andrea – How can we support new designers? • Charlie – Can Government give tax breaks incentives? • Andrea – Need to look at UK as an overall brand. Not competing with the likes of India and China but focussing on quality • TC – Working with ‘Make it British’ looking at whole process from design to delivery. Want to extend this program out of London mapping across the UK incorporating UK mills and enticing new talent. • Martin – Nations need to be careful not to undermine national brands and look at working on collaborating with other nations rather than competing. • Andrea – It doesn’t all need to be high end; look at Clarks. How have they survived? What are they doing to be sustainable etc. Lisa – The High Street needs to be sustainable • Andrea – Ran High St Consultancy so this is a passion of mine – look at Designers at Debenhams • Lisa – Look at our small British Brands what are they doing to survive • TC – Brands like Mulberry House of Fraser taken a hammering but Clarks OK • Lisa – John Lewis have instore Fashion consultants. Shops now offering experience and pampering to customers 16:55 – Andrea leaves – accepts role of Vice chair • Martin – Suggests fashion for pets – his partner bought £120 coat for their dog – ‘is it morally incorrect?’ 16:57 – Katherine Hamnett arrives • John McN – What do we have available for students • Martin – we can look at our colleges and the history of our textile mills and bring them together Lisa – A couple of weeks ago we got a question with the PM to meet with the industry • Katherine – we need retailers and textile brands like Pringle here • TC – Elgins of Johnsons all of those and many more have been invited 16:59 Martin leaves, Meeting Ends and APPG event begins.

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