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Press Release: The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashion launches Call for Evidence

Today, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Textiles and Fashion launches a Call for Public Evidence on experiences relating to inclusion, access and representation in the fashion industry, be it from the perspective of consumers, educators, students or industry professionals.The All Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashion launched the research for their policy paper on Representation and Inclusion in the Fashion Industry on the 13rd of May, with the first Advisory Committee meeting, and the group has since held another meeting on the 4th of June.

Advisors include Caryn Franklin MBE, Eden Loweth Designer at Artschool London, Michelle Noel Director at MNN Agency, stylist Cynthia Lawrence-John, Meg Ellis Director of I Weigh, Zebedee Model Management, Jamie Windust editor of Fruitcake Magazine, TV presenter Grace Woodward, Zowie Broach Head of Fashion at RCA, Andrew Groves Head of Fashion at Westminster University and Lucy London lecturer at UAL, Rebecca Weef Smith from Goldie Magazine, and more. Our research team led by Dr Royce Mahawatte, Senior Lecturer in cultural studies at CSM, includes Lottie Jackson and Rafaella de Freitas.

Tamara Cincik, CEO of Fashion Roundtable said: “Fashion like politics and indeed the FTSE 250 needs to recognise that inclusion and representation have to be core to systemic change. If businesses and politics are to represent those they serve then we have to see a radical transformation to create a sector which is inclusive and representative of all of us. From the power of the purple pound, to the estimated 60% growth of the modest fashion market to 2021, for businesses to connect with our consumers those in charge need to recognise the need for change in order to be effective and valued in these growing and important markets.”

The paper aims to understand discrimination and exclusion within the fashion industry, with consideration of different aspects of identity: Whiteness and non-whiteness, Gender identity and expression, Mental and physical abilities, Religious faith and expression, Age. Body image Socio-economic status and identity. And to propose corporate and government policy recommendations to address discrimination and exclusion in the industry.

We are interested in hearing about: experiences (positive or negative) of accessing goods and services produced by the fashion industry, experiences (positive or negative) of accessing jobs in the fashion industry, experiences (positive or negative) of accessing education in fashion, experiences of representation in relation to the goods and services produced by the fashion industry,Experiences (lived or witnessed) of discrimination in the fashion industry. We suggest the following prompts but respondents are encouraged to write freely about their experiences:What have your experiences been as a consumer/as someone who works or who has worked in the fashion industry. Can you think of a moment when you felt encouraged or limited by the images that you saw,Have you witnessed or experienced discrimination in the fashion industry, and how did that make you feel.

You can submit evidence as an individual or an organisation. If you want to contribute your individual experiences, please follow this link here. The deadline for contributions is 21/11/2019.

If you are replying on behalf of an organisation, please email rafaella.defreitas@fashionroundtable.co.uk with the subject line ‘APPG Inquiry Submission’, and attach your written statements including the organisation name and your job title.For more information about the Inquiry and for more details on how to submit evidence, please visit here.

Note to editors

Fashion Roundtable are the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashion. Fashion Roundtable LTD is the only Fashion-focused consultancy providing industry leading events, public affairs and policy. Fashion Roundtable Organisation LTD is our NFP which covers our policy work and work with the All-Party Parliamentary Textiles and Fashion.

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