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Protections for Workers in UK Garment Factories

Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashion, raised a question concerning statutory licensing for garment factories with the Business Secretary, Alok Sharma MP last week in Parliament during Business Questions:

The question raised by Dr Lisa Cameron MP in Parliament comes shortly after a joint open letter was sent to the Home Secretary calling for statutory licensing or garment factories. Dr Lisa Cameron MP also tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) in Parliament:

"That this House recognises that workers in some UK garment factories are suffering under exploitative labour practices, underpayment of legal minimum wages and unsafe working conditions; acknowledges the need to take urgent action to protect such workers from exploitation and ensure that factory owners are meeting all legal obligations; notes that taking action would prevent rogue factories from undercutting compliant businesses and would encourage retailers to source more clothing from the UK, supporting the development of an ethical, world-leading UK fashion industry; and therefore calls on the Government to implement the British Retail Consortium’s proposal for a Fit to Trade licensing scheme for all garment factories in the UK."

The EDM is supported by a variety of cross-party parliamentarians, including John McDonnell MP (Lab), John McNally MP (SNP), Jim Shannon MP (DUP) Caroline Lucas MP (Green).

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